Dougcoin needs your help developing our community. Email: [email protected] with Bounty # in the subject line and your submission/wallet address in the body.

Bounty 1: 25,000 DOUG for a YouTube tutorial on how to setup Dougcoin wallet and mining on Windows.

Bounty 2: 25,000 DOUG to anyone who starts a Dougcoin pool.

Bounty 3: 50,000 DOUG for logo or splash screen submissions. Top 3 submissions will receive DOUG. 1st place 5k, 2nd place 2k, 3rd place 1k.

Bounty 4: 100 DOUG for every @DougCurrency retweet or hashtag using #dougcurrency #dougcoin

Bounty 5: 500,000 DOUG for an experienced software developer

Bounty 6: 500,000 DOUG for a marketing expert